How to Find a Heating and Air System That Doesn’t Break the Bank

How to Find a Heating and Air System That Doesn’t Break the Bank

How can you find a quality HVAC system that is both right for your home and doesn’t break the bank? You start by asking experts in HVAC in Atlanta. Of course, you might be inclined to do the research yourself, at least at first. The good news is that finding the best-rated heating and air conditioning systems for your home or business shouldn’t be hard.

The bad news is that even limiting yourself to the best and most affordable options means having a lot of choices.

So, how can you narrow things down? Follow the steps below, then contact an HVAC installation company to help you make a final decision and install your new system.

Step One: Get a Look at Your Ductwork

This isn’t going to determine which HVAC system is right for you. However, it will tell you how much of your system needs to be switched out. If you see poorly sealed joints, breaks, or sagging, it indicates that you need to repair or replace the ductwork in addition to the furnace and AC.

Step Two: Make Sure You Need to Replace Both the Furnace and AC

Your heating and cooling components are separate, which means you can replace them at different times. In most cases, your furnace should outlast your AC by roughly five years. This means that if you are looking at an HVAC overhaul because you are noticing issues in the summer months, you should get your furnace assessed by your AC installation team in Atlanta before replacing it.

Step Three: Select Your Furnace

If it is determined that your furnace needs to go, you should look into an energy-efficient model. These furnaces can cost a bit more upfront but save you money in the long run through lower energy bills. Avoid single-state furnaces since they use the most energy. Two-state air handlers offer both low and high settings, making them slightly more efficient. However, variables speed air handlers will offer the best energy efficiency since they adjust to match your needs in the moment, using less electricity or gas.

Keep in mind that the biggest consideration with your furnace should be whether or not it is rated to handle the square footage of your home.

Step Four: Select Your Air Conditioner

Once again, go energy efficient if possible. The higher the season energy efficiency ratio for the air conditioner, the better the energy savings it offers. Try to avoid models rated less than 16. Look for variable-speed scroll compressors for reduced energy use and less noise when operating. Finally, look for aluminum evaporator coils, as these last longer.

For additional guidance on how to choose an HVAC system, contact Moncrief Air.

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