Some signs that indicate that your sales funnel isn’t working well

Companies invest a lot of time, research and money into making sales funnel for their business so that they can get good returns. Often these sales funnel might seem alright, but there are usually a lot of issues that are hampering it. Clickfunnels is a great tool that can help you to navigate out of these issues easily with powerful features. You can check clickfunnels pricing from their official website.

The following are some signs that tell you that your sales funnel isn’t going in the right direction-

  • Lesser conversions than your prediction

It is important to predict the conversion rate before hand as it will help you in analyzing, whether or not your sales funnel is good. If your sales funnel is giving better results than predicted, it means your funnel is doing fine. But if it is lower than expected, you need to look into it. It is better to avail some funneling tools like clickfunnels. To check the prices, you can click here.

  • Navigation is difficult or confusing for the purchase process

One of the most important things about a good sales funnel is the ease of operation for the users. The customers should be able to easily navigate through one point to another without getting confused. If your customers are often getting confused, this is because there are too many steps involved. This leads to lesser engagement and conversions and will end up by failing your funnel.

  • You aren’t focusing on existing customers

If you often find yourself grinding your systems for new potential customers, your sales funnel isn’t functioning properly. One of the main parts of a funnel is keeping the existing customers updated with all the info regarding latest products as they roughly spend 50-60% more on your services and products than any new customers. Hence, your sales funnel should be able to efficiently maintain balance between getting new customers as well as keeping in contact with the existing customers.