2 ways to drain a hot water heating system

In the proper Hot water system maintenance Hobart, it is important to know how to clean, maintain and drain the hot water heating system. This will allow you to continue to enjoy good hot showers and an efficient system.

2 ways to drain a hot water heating system:

Check out the following 2 ways to drain a hot water heating system:

1. Remove rust and sediment buildup:

Over time, the boiler can become clogged with rust and various sediments. To remove these buildups, follow these steps:

– Turn off the burner and the water supply to the boiler, and allow the system to cool

– Open the drain valve and let the water flow into a bucket

– If sludge is present, the entire system may need to be drained. For best results, have a heating contractor pressure wash the system using chemicals and hot water

– To drain yourself, turn off the burner cut off the water supply, and let the system cool down

– Open the ventilation dampers on the radiators or convectors, at the highest point of the system

– Connect a garden hose to the drain valve and connect it to a drain

– Open the tap and let the system drain

– After emptying, close the valves and open the water supply

– Let the water flush the system until it runs clear

– Close the drain valve and fill the system

While performing Hot water system maintenance Hobart, you can also prevent sediment buildup by adding a rust preventative compound (available at specialty stores) to the boiler. To do this, unscrew and remove the pressure gauge on top of the boiler and pour the compound into the opening.

2. Empty the expansion tank:

On older hot water systems, the boiler usually has a large cylindrical expansion tank which provides an air cushion to allow hot water to enter the system safely. While performing Hot water system maintenance Hobart, if water flows from the safety valve and the entire surface of the expansion tank is hot, the tank is waterlogged and must be emptied. Path to follow:

– Turn off the system and let it cool down

– Close the shut-off valve between the boiler and the tank

– Connect a garden hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank and open the hose to empty and then the valve

– Once the tank is emptied, close the combination of valves and open the shut-off valve

– Purge the radiators or convectors

– If the smaller expansion tank (diaphragm type) of a heating system is blocked, it must be recharged (with air) or replaced by a qualified technician

– Regular monitoring and Hot water system maintenance Hobart are the guarantee of a hot water heating system that works for years