7 Ways New Generations Are Getting More Use From Their Garden Spaces

Creating A Small Garden Space - How To Make A Garden With Little SpaceAs a younger generation find themselves as homeowners for the first time, interior designers are paying close attention to how they utilise spaces so as to recognise new and developing trends within the property market.

It is the garden that, more so than any room in the home, is being given the most attention with modern designs dramatically stepping away from the traditional garden aesthetics that many are familiar with. No longer are neat lawns, tidy flower beds, and garden sheds benign considered as typical garden designs for homes and, as time goes on, more outdoor spaces are actually being used for practical and creative purposes.


Between urban beekeeping and residential layers, there is a buzz among gardens. It is no longer uncommon for residential areas to also be home to chickens and beehives. As self-sustainability becomes more important among the younger generation, the ethos of smallholding makes its way into homes. Expect to see more honey and eggs for sale as time goes on!


Having access to a natural space, one that can be designed to be private and comfortable, means that yoga practitioners, as well as those who seek zen spaces or an organic respite within which to relax, can create their own meditative setting outdoors.


Even in the British climate, dining outdoors can be enjoyed with a few considerations. Some are relying on heat lamps and tall fences, while others are installing luxurious log cabins within which to enjoy their meals. While garden dining has often been enjoyed, it’s now being taken to the next level with pop-ups and social events being held in residential areas too.


Growing one’s own fruit and vegetables has always been popular at home. However, instead of a few growing bags being kept in the corner, now gardens are being totally revamped so that homeowners can grow much of their own food, replacing lawns with rows of delicious ingredients instead.


As residents seek to save money, many are turning to investing in their homes. Instead of spending money on a monthly gym membership, for example, a resident can simply create a space to install their own equipment at home, which is why more gardens are becoming home to private workout spaces.


As climate concerns increase, homes are becoming a focal point for ways to reduce carbon footprints. The most effective way to do this is via outdoor living spaces. Rainwater can be collected, solar rays harnessed, and food waste composted so as to replenish the soil, all of which is happening more and more often.


Summer houses, annexes, and converted sheds are all venues being taken over by the home office. Being typically situated away from the home, these spaces make the ideal location for professional settings as they help to separate work life from private life, which can typically be a challenge amid a growing culture of remote working.

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