Choosing Rugs for Children’s Rooms by Age


Does your child spend a lot of time on the floor of their bedroom?

By placing an area rug in their personal space, you can add comfort and warmth.

Here are Tufenkian’s tips for choosing rugs for children’s rooms by age.


The purpose of a rug in a nursery is most likely for looks since your child isn’t old enough for a play area yet. Decide whether you want to place the rug as an anchor for the furniture or an accent piece in the background.

If you plan to let your baby crawl on the floor, you need a rug that’s durable, easy to clean, and safe. Soft, wool rugs are both stain and water repellent and great for insulation.

Choosing the size and shape of your nursery rug depends on whether it’s the room’s focal point or just a part of the décor. Small, round rugs are suitable for accent pieces. A large rectangular rug can cover a big portion of a cold floor.

Since an infant’s color vision doesn’t fully develop until between five and eight months, you’re the only one who will notice the rug’s color for a while. Feel free to match the color and pattern to the rest of the décor or pick something that stands out.

Toddler’s Room

The reason to have a rug in a toddler’s room is usually to provide a space for crawling or to define the play area. You could place the rug in the corner of a big room as an activity space or use the carpet to connect the dominant pieces of furniture.

A rug that’s soft and plush will add warmth to your toddler’s room as they crawl around and learn to walk. Pick a material that’s stain-resistant and safe for children. Consider a rug pad to keep the carpet in place and prevent accidents.

You can use a traditional round, square, or rectangular rug for a toddler’s room, or you could play around with the size and shape to give the space some character. Think outside the box with rugs shaped like animals, flowers, cars, and other objects.

To stimulate your toddler’s development, try out a rug with bold colors and patterns. However, if your other décor is already vibrant and loud, a solid, neutral color rug will offer some visual relief from the rest of the elements.

School-Aged Child’s Room

For school-aged children, a rug typically serves many purposes. At this age, kids are constantly on the floor exploring the room, playing with their toys, and even eating snacks.

At this stage in life, you should opt for a low-pile rug that’s easy to walk on, suitable for playtime, and not hard to clean. Choose a durable material since the rug will likely need to withstand a lot of foot traffic.

A school-aged child is old enough to have an opinion about their rug’s size, shape, color, and pattern, so ask them what they like. Introduce them to different designs and see how their style develops over time.

How to Choose a Rug for Your Child’s Room

No matter your child’s age, now you know how to choose the perfect rug for their personal space.

Tufenkian has a great selection of children’s bedroom rugs that are comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. Shop our wool rugs, floral area rugs, and geometric rugs, or stop by a showroom and speak to an expert.