Guide To Getting A Condominium Management Company Right

The activity of condominium management companies like Condo Ratchadamri (คอนโด ราชดำริ which is the term in Thai) is not regulated, nor is there a supervisory entity to which they can turn in case of conflict. Therefore, they must inform themselves well before choosing this company.

Although we claim and have been doing so for over 15 years, the implementation of legislation and regulation in the condominium management sector, these mechanisms have not yet been achieved. Thus, we present you with some tips that you can follow to choose with greater security:

  • They prefer companies that have physical facilities (stores or establishments), with service to the public at defined times, namely, service to the owners of the buildings they manage;
  • Ask for contacts to condominiums in the neighborhood. Reputation is an indicator of service quality. Make sure the company is legal. Enter the name on the Institute of Registry and Notary website. The database says at least if the name exists. If in doubt, request an uncertified photocopy at the commercial registry office in the area, with company information;
  • Confirm that the company has contracted civil liability insurance to guarantee damages caused to third parties, resulting from the exercise of the activity;
  • Find out if the company has a management platform for consultation by the owners and a complaints book that they must present whenever requested;
  • Make sure it is an independent company from any other business and industrial entity;
  • Limit the company’s powers in the contract and at the meeting. Reserve the condominium’s veto right on important decisions, such as insurance and construction;
  • Define the services to be contracted, taking into account the condominium’s needs: available amounts, building size, quantity and nature of standard parts, the relationship between neighbors, etc.;
  • We prefer an annual contract, without penalty and with a maximum notice period of 30 days to end.

Don’t forget that the companies that manage the condominiums are service providers, so they are obliged to have a complaints book and, of course, to make this book available to anyone who wants to file a complaint. Therefore, start by requesting the complaints book and report those you consider as that company’s evil practices.