The Different Models Of Coffee Table

Before choosing a coffee table, several criteria must be taken into account. Which style to choose? Which material to favor? Which form is the most practical? It all depends on your interior and your decoration desires.

What Style For A Coffee Table

The coffee table is one of the main elements of the living room and allows, in combination with the other furniture, to give a real personality to the office. Depending on your decoration, several styles may be suitable.

The most uncomplicated style to adopt is undoubtedly that of the Scandinavian coffee table. The Scandinavian style is defined by light colors and rounded enough shapes to bring a little warmth to an interior. Then choose a round coffee table and chair sets (โต๊ะ เก้าอี้ ร้าน กาแฟ which is the term in Thai) with thin legs tilted outwards. The industrial style is the opposite. To choose an industrial coffee table, it is better to select a raw wood product decorated with scrap metal. The wood can be light or dark; it all depends on the rest of your decoration.

Among the other styles to adopt, we find modern and contemporary decoration but also the country or vintage style. Contemporary models are generally composed of a reasonably bright varnish and an immaculate white or black color. To adopt the country style, it is better to turn to a low table in bleached raw wood.

The Materials And Colors Of A Coffee Table

coffee table can be made in a multitude of materials and available in hundreds of colors. Still, some models are much easier to adopt and personalize depending on the interiors. The easiest model to use is the white wooden one master key; this product can be in bleached wood for a country-style or decorated with a layer of varnish to adopt a more modern trend. It is also the easiest coffee table to customize.

Raw wood is generally a fairly easy material to adopt in an interior, whatever it’s color. The important thing is to choose a good quality product and colors suitable for the rest of the decoration. Certain wood species like mahogany are more suitable for exotic or vintage interiors.

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