Transform a Small Space into a Broader Looking Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling and bath fitters can do wonders for your home, as they can change its whole look and feel. A complete makeover is not typically required, as you can add some new things and change up the accessories and decor in the room to give it a fresh look. A bathroom and shower remodel Corona CA is not typically the most pleasant thing to do, but if you plan it well, you can have a great room and add value to your home in the long run.

One of the essential things in transforming a small bathroom space is using lighter-coloured tiles and marble tiles that are durable and easy to clean. Lighter floors can also help make the small space look more spacious.

Additionally, you can also opt to give an update to your tub and showers that can make your bathroom look bigger and spacious. You can also upgrade your Bathtub to Showers Corona CA, giving a wider and taller look for your bathroom.

With that, you can also opt for a glass door with a frosted trim that gives off the impression of a bigger, warmer area. There are also cheaper alternatives if you do not have the required funds to get a new tub or shower, as there are glass doors in different colours, designs, frames, and styles to choose from based on your preferences.

One final tip is to improve the lighting in your bathroom. If there is natural light in your bathroom, you can try to direct it away from your ceiling, so it appears wider and lessens the feeling of a cramped space.

Bathrooms can be small and narrow spaces, but there are various solutions that you can do to make it seem more spacious and wide. You can opt for lighter floors, update your bathroom’s tub and shower, add glass doors, and improve the lighting in your bathroom.

For more information about transforming a small space into a broader-looking bathroom, here is an infographic by DuraCare Baths.

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