Urban Decoration For A Dining Room

The urban decoration refers to originality and at the same time, makes your dining room charming and chic. The urban decor style is becoming more fashionable, even if it did not appear long ago. The urban decoration combines both the advantages of contemporary and industrial style. If you want to create a simply brilliant atmosphere in your dining room, then this decoration will be perfect. The dining room is a space bringing together all the members of the family at mealtimes, so it must be well decorated to bring good humour, but also to make you want to eat. Discover urban decoration tips for your dining room.

Bet On The Walls

Why not white brick walls for your dining room? This wall style is part of the urban style and gives more originality to your dining room. The latter will be more chic, but also much more refined. You can add decorative touches like magnetic wallpaper or stickers. For the sticker designs, opt for the buildings to further accentuate the urban effect. For your walls, avoid decorative adhesive papers, as they are not in line with the urban style.

Use Bright Colours

For urban colours, you can make a mixture of industrial and contemporary colours. For industrial colours, you can choose from shades of grey, khaki, black, brown, rust or beige. As for contemporary colours, you can opt for bright colours such as Orange, red or even green. An industrial-modern duo will enhance your dining room.

Urban Decoration Accessories

As with colours, you can make a combination of industrial and modern accessories for your dining room. However, do not overdo it on decorative items. You can install industrial-style lighting that can be suspended from the ceiling. The door to the dining room can be glass with metal edges for a successful urban style. You can also use an old clock that will be hung in the room as well as industrial design vases.

Go Natural

The materials that you will use for the urban decor of your dining room must be natural. You have the choice between wood, metal or stainless steel in your condo Sathorn (คอนโด สาทร which is term in Thai). For linen such as tea towels and tablecloths, it can be cotton, wool or linen. The natural aspect makes the originality of urban decoration.