What Do You Need To Know Before You Install A Security Camera?

We all want to protect our homes in the best way possible. Security camera has proven to be an effective way of protecting your home. To secure your home and family, locksmith north york lists things you before you install and buy security cameras for your home.

CCTV camera features

When selecting a security camera, it is important to consider your needs and then choose a model that will meet them.

Start by deciding whether you want indoor or outdoor security cameras, as this will determine whether you need a waterproof camera.

The next step is to choose between wired or wireless (battery) security cameras. Consider whether additional features like night vision, motion detection, auto-tracking, facial recognition, two-way audio, or the capacity to record during a power outage are something you want from your camera.

Additionally, it is important to evaluate the camera’s image quality, output resolution, lens size, and sensor radar before making a choice.

Storage feature is another feature you need to consider you can opt for cloud storage or local storage. Though cloud storage is more expensive, it is more secure since the footage is stored offline and gives you the flexibility of accessing the feed. Local storage does not require an internet connection you can store footage on an SD card.

Consider the installation of the home security cameras and if you want only cameras or a complete security system before making your purchase.

You may select a CCTV camera brand based on how simple it is to install it there, or you may decide that another brand is more appropriate. If you are installing a full security system in addition to security cameras, ensure the brand you select suits your requirement and the camera is compatible with your home security system.

Where do you install cameras in your home?

There are several places you can install cameras both within and outside your home to ensure your home is well protected.

To spot suspicious activity easily the camera placement is important to ensure the camera doors, windows, and driveways. Cameras should also be installed in public spaces like lounges, stairways, and kitchens because these are the places where burglars are most likely to enter. They will also be the sections that are targeted the most because they are the rooms that are most likely to contain valuables.


Hiring a professional to install and set up your CCTV cameras can sometimes be simpler. This can ease the procedure, reduce stress, and provide guidance on where to install your security cameras.

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