Why this is a Good Time to Buy a New Home in Sydney

Despite the ongoing pandemic, thousands of new homes in Sydney are set according to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment. In a press release made in 2021, the Department revealed that “a further 8,000 jobs will be created and almost 6,000 new homes built following the finalization of two important projects supporting the growth of Greater Sydney.” New communities are being developed giving fresh opportunities for people. That’s an estimated 150,000 new homes across Sydney in the next four years as posted by the Sydney Morning Herald.

The same report revealed that the suburbs of Parramatta, Marsden Park, and Rouse Hill have the highest growth in terms of the number of new dwellings, while suburbs like Cheltenham, North Epping, Riverview, and South Turramurra among others will remain untouched. New home builders are putting the focus on the growth and development of housing in Sydney and this is the right time to make that dream home purchase. More new homes mean more opportunities and the chance for a fresh start after the pandemic. Here are some things that help you decide why buying a house in Sydney right now may be the best decision for you.

The return of suburban life

Since the pandemic, people have been leaving the Central Business District for many reasons. One of them is having to work from home. But as people are now adapting to the new normal, hybrid working set-ups are now being implemented. This means it is better to invest in new homes in Sydney where you can have your own workspace and living space rather than living in a cramped apartment or flat. Living in the suburbs also means less stress and having to go through traffic every day just to get to work and back home.

Bigger spaces, fewer crowds

Getting a new home also means enjoying life while maintaining the free spaces between people. Crowed spaces have already made people more cautious due to the pandemic. In the new normal, people will want to have more personal space but are able to come together and socialize safely. Outdoor spaces will be important which cannot be found in high-rise apartments.

A brighter forecast in housing

Since 2020 and up to 2025, the NSW government is pouring more funds into developing new homes in Sydney. This is a good time for new families, new couples, or even retirees and young professionals to invest in a home they can cherish for a long time. Homes are essential investments not only for today for generations to come. 

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