You Don’t Need Master Minds To Decipher The Master Bedroom Decor!

A bedroom is a place close to everyone’s heart. A personal space where anyone will want to wind up at the end of the day. A master bedroom design deserves the best as it is the area that is going to be your world at home. Therefore, there is a simple guide on how to master the art of converting this sacred space with various styles and furniture. This includes incorporating multiple furniture like the ones offered by Wakefit, extra features and other decors to transform the master bedroom into heaven. Furthermore, this does not require any particular skill and a piece of interest or driving force to add spice to the personal space is all that is needed.


The wardrobe is the fixed and non-shiftable furniture of the bedroom, unlike the bed. Here the first one will have to assess the area that is available to fit a wardrobe. Then one can decide to buy a wardrobe online that can accommodate the bedroom and suit the area. A  two-door swing wardrobe will occupy two to three feet, whereas a two-door sliding wardrobe will occupy six feet of space. This is the bedroom wardrobe design of the most preferred size anyone will want and if there are lots of storage items, opt for lofts. The basic functionality of any cupboard or wardrobe is storage, but it does not need to be plain. It can be made stylish to blend with the bedroom concept. The materials with which cabinets can be made are plywood, MDF, particleboard, glass, solid wood, etc. Plywood is an affordable and durable wood substitute next to solid wood. The finishes also play a significant role in enhancing the cupboard’s outlook. The types of finishes widely used in the commercial market are veneer, PU paint, mirrors, acrylics and laminates.

Side table

A side table is a piece of furniture that is used to manage the essentials. It creates easy accessibility to the items that are placed on it from the bed. The main functionality of a side table is storage and keeping the bedroom decluttered as it accommodates various things. The side table has a top surface which can host an alarm clock, night lamp and other essential kinds of stuff. It also adds a personal touch wherein one can keep small succulent plants and framed photos.


Any bedroom is incomplete without a perfect bed. There are countless designs and patterns for bed: wing-back, panel, sleigh, slat, open frame, four-poster, canopy, murphy, floating, trundle, cottage style, bunk and sleeping lofts. They come in different wood and materials. Irrespective of the design, the best Sheesham wood bed is the most long-lasting one of all.

Room lighting

A bedroom with lighting will make the area look brighter and create positive vibes. Night lamps are the classic choice here, and the other kinds of lighting ideas are overhead lamps, table lamps, dresser lights, etc.

Foot Bench

A foot bench is one of the best bedroom furniture ideas placed at the end of the bed and will make the bedroom look trendier. A foot bench can also act as a luggage rack or a seat top that can be used as cubbies. It can flip open and help to put away the shoes and clothes far from the sleeping space. Furthermore, it can also hold other bedroom essentials like blankets and pillows.

Ceiling Design Ideas

The ceiling is another space that is often taken for granted and neglected to be well established. It is the fifth wall and one of the critical elements of a bedroom. It can elevate the entire scheme of the bedroom in just a flash. Wooden panelling will add drama with a warm and cosy feel. Wood ceilings will effortlessly fit into any room, whether modern, contemporary or traditional. But on the other hand, there are also other types of roofs like a contrast colour splash, mirrored or even a wallpaper finish. Everything contributes a different kind of look to the bedroom.

Flooring Choices

Floors escalate the overall look of the bedroom and add more elegance with the choice. There are a variety of floorings like marble, tiles, granites, wood, stone, gravel, etc. One should opt for the one that suits their budget and also look royal at the same time. Always keep in mind that light coloured flooring keeps the room bright.

Room rug

A comfortable rug will make the bedroom look more inviting and attractive with a royal touch. It has various patterns, colours, textures, and the purpose of a room rug is to muffle the footstep sound and give a soft touch to the feet. But one must take care to purchase the right size for the bedroom.


A bedroom should let in more natural light and at the same time offer complete privacy. One can achieve this only with suitable curtains that can filter in a reasonable amount of sunlight and provide a classy finish. A subtle texture is the most preferred design of all times, but vibrant and contrasting colours are opted by a specific population. Neutrals also add a unique style to the furnishings, whereas dark curtains are ideal for sound sleepers as they will filter most of the light and aid more sleep.


Full-length mirrors or any large mirrors are fitted anywhere in the room, where there is more space and style. The practicality of a mirror has to be felt when installed with mirrors tend to create an illusion as if the room is bigger by reflecting more light. Mirrors will add more glamour and make the room look big, and create an airier feel.

End Notes:

A bedroom is a personal space for any human being, and nothing can make it more attractive without adding a bit of personal touch. Creating a self-interest zone with a small library, yoga zone, meditation corner, or plants will relax both mind and body. Besides these, bold accents will add warmth and display a lively vibe with an intimate fashion expression. Make a wise plan and fill up your space with all that your heart desires and that will establish a calm and composed state of mind.