We all know how exhausting it can be to reach out to different people for different work, even when they fall under the same domain. It would be a dream to find all the roofing solutions under one roof. Solutions are provided by experts in the industry. D’Angelo & Sons Roofing provides complete roofing services for commercial and residential buildings. Whether you need to carry out roofing repair or replacement at home or at your workspace, they are just a call away. The experts from the company will arrive at the site and carry out a thorough inspection to determine what the cause is. As each roofing problem is unique in its own way, the solution also has to be tailored to address it at its root. These are just some of the roofing solutions they provide under their roof.


There are various reasons why you might require a roof replacement. One of them is that the roof has aged and started to become brittle. Another could be that constant repairs will turn out to be more expensive in the long run than replacement. Even if you have made up your mind about roof replacement, it still needs to be determined by an expert. The professional will thoroughly inspect and determine the course of action. Replacement is always considered to be the last option. When replacement is being undertaken you need experienced and knowledgeable professionals. The team at D’Angelo& Sons have years of experience and all the necessary tools required to carry out the installation of the roof correctly. Their years of experience also encompasses the various materials they have worked with like metal roofing, single ply membrane, cedar roofs and asphalt roofing. They also provide their clients with emergency roofing solutions.

Attic Ventilation

The attic must have proper ventilation. It can improve the air quality, prevent damage to the roofing material and also help to bring down the energy bill. If there has been a sudden spike in your energy bills, then you need to check whether the attic has proper ventilation or not. Lack of ventilation can cause mould growth and ice dam formation. Both of these can cause long term damage to the property. The professionals will check thoroughly and decide on a proper ventilation system.


It is one of the essential components of the roofing system. The pipes help to drain the water away from the property. It is an essential component because it helps prevent water damage, mould growth, damage and wet basement. This usually happens when the eavestrough is clogged or needs to be replaced. D’Angelo& Sons provide complete eavestrough solutions. Their experts will come home and clean out the system. During this time, they will also check for any damages. If they find any, the damage is addressed then and there. This helps to prevent the problem from going out of hand. If replacement is required, they will carry it out properly which ensure that the system will work perfectly.