By Communicating, We Understand Each Other.

To live in peace and exercise “co-ownership” as it should be – with respect and dignity – communication is the keyword since life in the condominium is nothing more than a micro-sample of living in society. Keeping in mind the scope of the word collectivity is also essential to maintain a good level of relationships within the building.

In the condominium, there was never a social thought. Now it starts to exist. The awareness that you can harm your neighbor is a reflection of macro thinking. Today there is a more significant number of solidarity activities.

People are very focused on themselves, on their problems. Then, when there is an issue in the condominium, it isn’t easy to have a collective attitude. We believe that the relationship problems in the building involve the issue of “what is each person’s right,” in addition to particular difficulty in dealing with the duties of life in common. 

If you see the meaning of the word condominium, you will see that “living” in the community is involved, and we are far from achieving this. It is our social and political issue. We live in a country where politicians are very frowned upon, and being a liquidator is having a political role. 

In a condominium, often, people do not want to take over management because that implies getting in contact with conflicts inherent in human relationships. Today we live in a moment when we only want pleasure, the right and the good side of things, and we don’t want involvement because it means dealing with differences and conflicts especially when there is washing machine in condo (คอนโด เครื่องซักผ้าในห้อง which is the term Thai).

The relationship problems in the building are a reflection of our society. Since you are forced to be social at work, when you go home, you want to rest and end up being anti-social. Don’t even say good morning to the person in the elevator with you. Look at the ceiling and to the side, except for the neighbor. 

At work, if you take the elevator with your boss, you look at his face and say good morning, good afternoon, good night, and, if you sneeze, cheers. The practice of collectivity, despite being “crawling,” as defined, is already starting to become evident in some actions, such as selective garbage collection, for example. And this union of residents around common causes can improve the quality of interaction.