How To Decorate A Minimalist Home With Elegance

A strong trend for the new times, the minimalist style house ( บ้าน สไตล์ ท์ which is the term in Thai) is a decoration style aimed at comfort. Not only physical but also visual, since the style eliminates abrupt shapes from the decoration of environments. Be it the color of the walls, the style of the furniture, or even the way the items are organized; minimalism is here to stay. Check out, throughout this article, the main tips for you to put the project into practice.


Is white on the walls essential for a minimalist house? Not always! Despite being the most used tone, it is possible to risk it in other tones, such as gray and black, and even pastel tones. Minimalism’s clean is more linked to the reduction of visual pollution. On objects, stronger colors can create an interesting contrast. White rooms with gray details can receive curtains, pillows, and other items in purple, for example.


For a minimalist house, the lighting needs to be cozy. It is possible to reach this level by using natural light as much as possible. For other times of the day, artificial lighting can also deliver beautiful harmony. Focal lamps or lampshades are on the rise in current lighting projects.


Delicacy and coziness are characteristics of the decoration of a minimalist house. Lots of furniture, for example, is not a sign of much organization. Most of the time, they can only further pollute the vision and require more cleaning. For furniture, you have to find functionality. The color of the sofa usually defines the path of the other elements of the space. As for cabinets and cabinets, it is ideal that light tones are the protagonists.


The fabrics make up the environment as much as the other elements of the decoration. Decor that delivers functionality, of course. Curtains, bedding, pillows, and rugs converse with the look of the environment. A space with light colors and the textile showing a contrast, with different colors, for example, can be the solution.


Space organization is what will keep the minimalist house active. For that reason, remember to keep items properly organized. Either those that are external or internalized in drawers and cabinets. A functional environment encourages proactivity and collaborates for the well-being of everyone.

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