Bedside Cabinets? Yes, You Can Opt for It

Also known as a nightstand, the bedside cabinet is an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom. Small extra storage, it can store books, lamps, clock radios and even mobile phones, for those who are addicted to technology. To choose the model best suited to your lifestyle, follow the guide. Here are all the criteria to take into account to choose the right nightstand. So you can go for the Bedside Cabinet for sale now.

What Are The Different Models Of Nightstand?

Before focusing on the different criteria for selecting a bedside cabinet, it is worth knowing the variations that exist on the market, to get an idea of ​​what you are looking for.

Classic bedside cabinet: this nightstand model is usually made of wood. With a drawer and possibly a shelf, this type of furniture is both discreet and practical, like the Iris 2 bedside cabinet.

Contemporary bedside cabinet: On its four legs, this modern nightstand is usually designed in metal or glass. Its design is sober and original at the same time as the Ruben bedside cabinet.

Hanging bedside cabinet: Gone are the four legs this bedside cabinet hangs on the wall like a shelf and logically has less storage than previous models. However, it offers a resolutely modern rendering.

Box bedside cabinet: as its name suggests, it takes the form of a box (square or rectangular) placed directly on the floor, without feet. This block allows you to benefit from more storage space.

What Size for a Bedside Cabinet?

To answer this question, you have to take into account the space you have in your room and around your bed.

What Width?

The width of the ideal nightstand will depend on the space available in your bedroom. You need to measure well around your bed to know the possible dimensions. If space is not an issue, then consider how you plan to use it. If it’s just there to prop up a bedside lamp but nothing more, there’s no need to go for a super-wide nightstand.

How High For a Nightstand?

The height of a nightstand depends on your bed and your habits. In general, the height of the bedside cabinet should not exceed that of the bed and its mattress. This allows easy access without having to get up. However, if you have a bed with an adjust cabinet electric box spring, a taller nightstand may be useful. A nightstand that is lower than the mattress and box spring also has some advantages since things remain within easy reach and, if you are a restless sleeper, there is no risk of them jostling them. However, if the bedside cabinet is too low, the lamp will not illuminate sufficiently at your level, you will not be able to see the clock radio well, and the drawers will be inaccessible.