The Best And Stylish Ways To Transform Your Shower

Adding plants to your bathroom can really add life and vibrancy to a small or otherwise boring and lifeless space. You might be surprised at how much a few plants can change an otherwise drab shower stall into a room with personality. But it’s important that you realize that plants are not for everyone. A big mistake is assuming that any ordinary, green plant will do in a shower stall – not all plants are suited for bathrooms. Here are some types of plants that are better suited to shower stalls:

If you are looking for a mild calming scent in your shower, then lavender is definitely a good choice. While it doesn’t work miracles when it comes to increasing the style and glamour of your shower, it does smell nice and is fairly easy to maintain. Just cut back any branches that get in the way of your water flow, or take them out altogether. If the aroma becomes too strong, just simply take it down temporarily so that it doesn’t affect your bathroom. This plant also goes well with other floral arrangements in your bathroom, so feel free to use this combination in your designs.

This is one of the best-suited plants for your shower. Its fragrance is sweet and welcoming, and it complements most other plants used in small spaces. Myrtle requires minimal maintenance and is also relatively easy to grow. While it might be best to keep it in the back corner of your bathroom, you can easily place it in the main view or on a table near your shower door. If the scent in your shower isn’t quite what you’re going for, try spiking your Myrtle with essential oils to bring out the best of its fragrance.

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The Best and Stylish Ways to Transform Your Shower