Why Summer is the Best Time To Hire A Chimney Sweep

Summer is an ideal time for many periodic household activities — from mowing the lawn to washing your home exterior to cleaning your chimney. When you hire a chimney sweep in Vienna VA during this season, you can enjoy several benefits. This article rounds up eight of them.

It readies your fireplace for fall and winter. Once temperature levels start to drop during fall, you’d have to rely on an efficiently functioning fireplace to keep your home warm. By cleaning your chimney during summer, you can detect and address any kind of problem early on. Nothing could be more frustrating than having a broken fireplace or clogged chimney at the height of fall or winter.

It helps eliminate that summer chimney smell. Did you know that creosote and debris buildup in your chimney can spread bad odor throughout your home? If you want your summer to smell and feel fresh as it should be, you should definitely hire a chimney sweep in Vienna VA at the start of the season.

It prevents chimney fires. Annually, more than 25,000 chimney fires take place in the US. And one of the main culprits is creosote accumulation — coupled with high temperatures. If you want to keep your home and your family protected, you have to be proactive. Identify any fire hazard — including an unclean chimney — and address it as soon as possible.

It gets the pest out. One of the most common problems encountered by a chimney sweep in Vienna VA is pest infestation. If you don’t want birds or any other unwanted guests from taking residence in your chimney, you have to get help from chimney-cleaning professionals. They have the experience and the right tools to get these pests out of your home.

It’s safer for the cleaners. With fewer weather disturbances, summertime makes for an ideal period to get chimneys cleaned. As these structures are located in a high place, cleaners are at risk of getting injured if the roof or the surrounding environment is slippery.

It lets you avoid an influx of demand for chimney sweeps. While cleaning one’s chimney is a critical task, many homeowners tend to ignore it until signs of the fall season start to arrive. This sudden increase in demand for chimney sweeps is a challenge for providers. This is why homeowners should book their services in advance — it’s less stressful and more efficient.

It saves you money. Another downside of hiring chimney sweeps during peak season is higher rates. Getting ahead of other homeowners will help you save money and guarantee that the sweeps will be more focused when cleaning your chimney.

It helps protect your property. A debris- and pest-free chimney can make your home a safer place to live in. You’re minimizing the risk of a chimney fire and you’re preventing harmful substances from infiltrating your home. When left uncleaned, chimneys can damage your fireplace and nearby fixtures. On the contrary, a well-maintained chimney can protect your property — and even increase its market value.

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