Enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience with cinema chair

Cinema chair [เก้าอี้ โรง หนัง, which is the term in Thai] is generally fixed in nature with specific spacing. These seats are available in a wide variety of style, colour and range. The fabric or the material used in making cinema seats is used accordingly that fits perfectly for any commercial venue where seating is must. Due to the increasing demand for cinema industry the demand for luxurious and comfortable seating for cinemas is also increasing simultaneously.

Whether the cinema theatre is a multiplex or an independent one the need to offer their customer ultimate cinematic experience is scoring high. Cinema is one of the most powerful means of entertainment. Hence, it is necessary that the screen, seats, lighting all add to the unique experience. If the seating is not comfortable, the customer may not enjoy the cinema to its fullest.

Types of cinema seats

  • Orchestra seats: Orchestra seats are the main level seats in the cinema halls. They share very close proximity to the cinema screen as they are in the front section of the cinema hall. These seats are close enough to see every expression and gesture clearly.
  • Box seats: Box seats are a level up when compared to orchestra seats. The boxes are divided with the help of curtains. The compartments consist of half a dozen seats arranged in a single row.
  • Balcony: The balcony seats are a level above the box seat. These seats are not close to the stage but they offer an excellent view of the entire stage.

Types of seating arrangement

  • Multiple-aisle arrangement: This type of seating arrangement has a maximum of 14-16 seats in a row. They have aisle ways at both ends. The seats will be limited to 7-8 per row if it has only one aisle.
  • Continental arrangement: In this type of seating arrangement the limit of the chair per row exceeds the limit of multiple-aisle arrangement. The seats are located in the central section. They have wider spacing, aisles and exit doors.