Guide To Building A Patio Cover Out Of Wood

So you want to enjoy a sit-down in your backyard, while it’s raining, without actually getting wet. Well, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Welcome to a step-by-step guide, helpful article, experienced advice on how to build a Patio cover out of wood. Luckily for the audience of this article, my brothers and I actually built a DIY patio made of wood as a family project a couple of months back. It only took a couple of days because it was three of us but it took a lot of hours out of those 3 days.

So first things first, if you’re serious about building this thing, Make sure you take some time off and some time to yourself because this project is going to need your undivided attention, time and also funds. Building a patio will require funds for tools and the wood that you will be needing to build with. What’s an Architect without his or her tools!?

Now the patio me and my brothers built was a bit more advanced. We thought that it would look much nicer if we attached the patio to the roofline. so the first thing we actually did in this project was tear down the original roofline of the house to attach the patio. Now there are more simple ways to doing this but we decided to go all the way and slightly change the pitch! We taught the singles as well as the two-by-four that was blocking the end of the rafter tails. that way we had access to all of the rafter tails so we could tie the new roofline into our existing one. it felt good to get a little demolition work in.

Once the fun was over, we then moved along to setting the posts on the ground. We measured a 10 x 10 space on the ground and drilled holes in the concrete with a corded hammer drill because the electric hammer drill wasn’t tough enough. After drilling the holes for the brackets we would then position the post for measurements.

If you’re reading along and building along please be safe because the post that we had was extremely heavy. at this point, I will hold the post at a level and ask my brother to come and watch the top of the brackets so I could have the exact angle That I need for cutting the post accurately. If the post you’re dealing with is as thick as the post we’ve had to deal with then you’re most likely going to need a hand saw rather than a circular saw. Once everything is cut all nice accurately and precise, You can finally drill all posts into the brackets and ground.

Next up, it was on to installing the rafters. For the drill, I went with a 2/12 pitch which is just fine for the shingle material we used. Throughout this process, you should want to make sure everything is measured and balance. At this point, it is IMPORTANT that you check for plumb on the inside of the post to make sure that they are parallel with the building. You’re going to do this with every rafter. You can experiment with very Raptor scenarios once you have figured out the design load However if that hasn’t been done then it’s best to play it safe. The decking also known as the roof installation was fairly simple. It would be a lot easier if you have more than two hands for this job. So we all tank came together and stapled the roof together and also install room lights. the electrical details are for another article but the end product was amazing to look at after we coated the patio in white paint.